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Book Review: Plant Spirit Gardener by Alanna Moore

This book review first appeared in New Dawn magazine issue161, March - April 2017. © Brett Lothian.

Book Review; Plant Spirit Gardener by Alanna Moore

Plant Spirit Gardener is a fantastic book for those interested in the more sacred and spiritual aspects of home gardening. The author Alanna Moore shares with the reader her expertise as a geomancer with over thirty years’ experience and lots of other practical and easy to follow techniques to gain a greater connection to the land, the spirits, devas, fairies and energies involved with bringing your very own magical garden into fruition.

Starting off with what plants give to us, including the benefits of plants from the varying knowledge traditions around the world and plant interactions with ancient cultures, to the health and wellbeing aspects of plants and forest therapy, the author explains why plants are so important, especially now in our modern industrialized world. Gardening has always been a field of expertise that is passed down through the generations and taking a look back at the ancient traditions (that have largely been forgotten) will give the home gardener a greater understanding of the healing and spiritual benefits that plants give to us when we care for them.

Moving through into discussing the plant spirits, we are taken on a journey into the more mystical aspects of plants themselves, from the plant gods, the green man, spirits and totems to house spirits and the traditions of ancient Europe, including the fairy trees of Ireland and encounters with the forest devas. This fascinating look into the vegetative soul will fill you with wonder and hope to have such magical encounters for yourself first hand. Luckily enough, the author also shows us numerous techniques of just how to connect and communicate with the subtle energies of the land and the plants themselves to achieve a happy and healthy garden that will reward you in many and varying ways.

Taking a closer look at the healing aspects of plant and herbal medicine the author delves into the realm of the shaman and the herb and fairy doctors of ancient lore, to show us an alternative to modern medicine that humanity has used successfully for eons. An alternative that you yourself can learn in the energetic surrounds of your own garden. This modality of healing and maintaining wellbeing has been sadly neglected in modern times and is something that almost all of us can do. Why buy pharmaceutical drugs that are made from plants, when you can grow and develop a personal relationship with the medicine yourself in your very own home?

Using modern scientific findings and as well as ancient techniques the author discusses the energetic aspects of plants and trees including the electrical nature of plants, diamagnetism and para-magnetism to the subtle anatomy of plants and tree emotions. Also looking into how plants communicate with each other and their animal helpers such as bees, you will be taken into the secret world of plants that most people do not realise exists. This is a very important part of learning to be a Plant Spirit Gardener, learning the relationships between plants, animals and the greater cosmos to achieve spectacular results and harmony for all life.
Sharing her expertise as a geomancer the author shows us how to dowse various plant energies using a number of different techniques that will help the reader to develop their sensitivity to the unseen forces at work in the plants and the garden in general to better grow and divine how to take care of the plants that take care of us. Developing your skills as a divine gardener will enable you to better direct energies around the garden to the benefit of the plants and the greater wellbeing of the garden and gardener as well. Learning specific rituals and ceremonies to perform in your home garden will greater your connection to the plant spirits and the land itself.

Once upon a time, all gardening was Plant Spirit Gardening and today with the modern disconnect from nature, real life and each other, our modern world needs this connection more than ever. Learn to become like the ancients who were intimately connected to all aspects of life and lived in harmony with nature, by reading this outstanding book and practicing the techniques outlined within. You too can become a Plant Spirit Gardener and reconnect to Mother Nature, in your very own little world you create at home, in your own back yard.

By Brett Lothian.

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