Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Trichocereus Potency Project

Trichocereus macrogonus 'Tipz' a very potent San Pedro cacti.
Unfortunately, Trichocereus potency and alkaloid content has been a taboo subject in all too many online forums and online groups. Despite some of these forums or groups allowing the open discussion of other species of plants and at the same time profiting monetarily from Trichocereus and San Pedro use, hypocritically.. I personally find this to be counter productive for protecting these plants and more akin to people attempting to protect their business interests, putting money over people.. What we need is education, not regulation. Lore, not law. For far too long, fear based mentalities have allowed those who would control us to keep these important subjects in the dark, making research even harder for those who are interested, especially those who are new to the field.

The use of Trichocereus species by humans is not and has never been shameful, wrong or outside of our natural rights as free humans. We simply cannot allow our minds to be caged by fear or others greed, especially in our modern times where there is already far too much of that going on. The more we educate people, help people and talk openly about these subjects, the safer usage will be for those new to the experience and for those looking for genuine healing. The benefits of using sacred plant medicine like San Pedro safely, for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health far out way any concerns over legality. As has been evidenced by the Medical Marijuana community, educating people about the benefits of plant medicine and their safe usage is far more effective in achieving law reform than hiding in the shadows thinking wishful thoughts..

Trichocereus pachanoi 'PC' widely regarded as being weak to inactive.
So, I call upon the ethnobotany and specifically the Trichocereus community to please contribute to this project by commenting below, this can be done anonymously if you so desire. My hope is that thousands of people from all around the world will contribute and share the knowledge that they have in regards to Trichocereus potency, alkaloid content as well as safe and effective usage. Hopefully we can create an extensive list of known potent clones, species, alkaloid contents and various growing and extraction techniques for getting the most out of the plants we have. If this is something you would be interested in contributing to, please comment below so that we can create a compendium of useful information, all in the one place, for people who are interested in actually using these miraculous plants for their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Thank you.

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  1. T. bridgesii Eileen, T. pachanoi 'Yowie' and T. macrogonus 'Fields' are my favorites, always very potent.

  2. Every Trichocereus Bridgesii I've ever tried (and there have been a lot) have always been good and potent plants.

  3. About time someone did this! I'm sick and tired of hypocrites telling me I can't talk about potency in online groups, especially when they are trying to sell me San Pedro plants or books! Anyway true pachanoi (non pc) are potent in my experience.

  4. There has been some good work accumulating data on this:

  5. Trichocereus Cuzcoensis: terrible blood pressure rise and poisoning for 8 hours, most surely dure to Hordenine and Methoxytyramine poisoning, never again (used 40g dry)

    Trichocereus Pachanoi Juuls Giant x Huancabamba, extremely potent and active at 5g dry. 25gr full blown psychedellia

    Trichocereus pachanoi from Lima: Very potent, dreamy, lovely all around trip, very relaxing and visual.

    Trichocereus peruvianus matucana Icaros DNA: Very potent, very visual, very similar to pure mescaline citrate ( 40gr dry skins 6hr tea very similar to 600-700mg mescaline citrate)

  6. It would be interesting if people took cuttings of all their strains at the same time, plant them in the same soil in the same kind of pots. Treat all cuttings exactly the same (feeding, watering, sunlight exposure, etc.) for a couple of years and then harvest them at the same time. Dry and grind all samples and store in the freezer. Then try 10grams of one sample every week after fasting half a day. Then find out which strains are potent and which less potent etc...

  7. "Juuls Giant x SS02" yielded a very crystal, shatter like tar from 5 hours of boiling fresh outer green flesh then straining and reducing on low heat. 500mg of this material produced what I would consider a strong 'microdose'. Im guessing 5 - 10g of this tar will produce a strong trip. Not very scientific so forgive me!

  8. Two clones have really stood out in potency for me. Sina and Mongoloid. Both are bridge.

  9. T. rosei 1 and 2 are nice, Icaros peruvianus too.

  10. Just starting to scratch the surface. So far Crap - Lance, Peruvianus 86, Scopulicola x Tig (thought that one would be better), Peruvianus 33, HB05 and an Icaro. Fair - Pachanoi Yowie, Bridgesii 33, Huanucoensis x bridgesii, an Icaro, Seedling pachanoi, Bogan and Herbalistic's Eileen. Good - Bridgesii Con, Tig, Bruce, Jess, seedling bridgesii, two Icaros and SAB Eileen. Heaps more to try. Can't work out how people get out of it on the small doses of penis plant they consume. Think its hyped up like a lot of stuff. Think La gringa's advice to boil it for twenty hours or more is justified from experience. Bridgesii dosage around 1000g. Icaros 1400g. Bogan 1650g. It was good at that dosage but think bridgesii are more convincing so it just gets a fair rating. Pachanoi between 1200g-1300g. Think 1400g plus from now on because none of the few I've tried have rocked me like bridgesii can.

    1. I've done brews only boiled for an hour or two, MAX, with less than 20cms of bridgesii (a potent, un-named clone), i would equate it to a 3-4g shroom trip. no need to ever boil it anywhere near that long :)

  11. I have predictable results with T. Pachanoi 12" x 2.5"-3" diameter per dose ( I do batches of 20 doses) blended in vitamix, then in crock pots for at least 12 hours. Cool and strain through cotton filter, boil down to 3-4 oz per dose, filter again.
    This has resulted in a very elevated experience for circles of 20-30, without nausea. ElRemedio

  12. Most potent to date for me is "cliff" (Bridgessi possibly crossed with santaensis). 2.5 ft is a good heavy trip. 5.5 is earth shattering, Aldous Huxley Doors of Perception experience. I rate it at twice the potency of "psycho" (another bridgessi). Note that the cliff cuttings came off a 30+ yr old mother plant in the ground. So possibly an ode to a large mature cacti. "mike" I have found to also be a good quality Bridgessi. Tried yowie once, seemed pretty weak. Lookign forward to samplign my peruvians once they are big enough. But yeah general trend is bridg's are the most reliable for potency

  13. I have a strong unknown "blue macrogonus long spined" and a strong bridgesii monstruosus (long penis).

    I've got pachanoi (low) no spine and macrogonus (low) and validus (not tested yet),

    and medium standard bridgessi that are good but not as strong as the monstruosus and the "blue macrognus",

    half a cup of tea of dry b. monstruosus with 15 anadenanthera seeds and harmala seeds grinded is a good "ayahuasca like trip". very colorfull kaleidoscopic visions.

    I love really bridgesii monstruosous.

    the "blue macrogonus" is more a devil who has eat me like the movie with the billions of small lutins who play music in the head of the boy