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Book Review: The Forgotten Exodus; The Into Africa Theory Of Evolution By Bruce R Fenton

This book review first appeared in New Dawn Magazine issue 164, September - October 2017.
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 Book Review: The Forgotten Exodus; The Into Africa Theory Of Evolution
By Bruce R Fenton

Following on from the revolutionary work of Steven and Evan Strong and their Out of Australia theory of human evolution (featured in New Dawn Issue 160, January-February 2017) Bruce Fenton delves into the dark prehistory of mankind in his outstanding and well researched book, Forgotten Exodus; The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution. Bringing together vast areas of research and the latest discoveries, the author brings into question everything we have been taught about human evolution and the subsequent populating of the world by modern humans. Turning the accepted paradigm on its head, Bruce Fenton provides us with a new model of human evolution and migration that demands attention.

The authors writing style is thankfully easy to follow in what is quite a complex subject matter, covering numerous areas of expertise and scientific disciplines. Drawing upon a wealth of research and information from various fields, including the latest archaeological discoveries and the recent amazing breakthroughs in DNA research, Bruce Fenton unravels the mysteries of our prehistory in this exciting new book. With a foreword by respected researcher and writer Graham Hancock, this book is a must have for those interested in alternative history, human evolution and migration.

Taking us right back to the dawn of the Homo genus, right through to modern man, Homo sapien sapien, the author highlights the problems and unanswered questions left by the currently accepted theory, and its main competitor, namely the Out of Africa theory of human evolution and the Multiregional hypothesis respectively. The new theory put forward by the author, the Into Africa theory (or Out of Australia theory as named by Steven and Evan Strong), aims to answer those unanswered questions and solve the obvious problems of the accepted theory and its main competitor. Which it does in convincing fashion.

Instead of disregarding anything that does not fit into the accepted theory, or attempting to fit a square peg in a round hole so to speak, the author manages to weave a whole new way of looking at our prehistory and subsequent migrations, to eventually conquer the globe as the dominant species, that is evidentiary based and exciting, that will no doubt create quite a bit of controversy in mainstream circles. If nothing else, I hope that this theory and book spark a new wave of investigation and study into what is a vastly underfunded area of research, particularly in Australia, which may just be the real cradle of modern humanity.

I particularly enjoyed this book as it highlights Australian discoveries that have been largely ignored in the main stream, because they do not fit into the accepted paradigm, such as the Kow Swamp finds near Gunbower in Northern Victoria, an area I personally love to camp and fish at, wondering what life was like way back in our prehistory. If you enjoyed my article in New Dawn Special Issue Volume 10 number 6, A Twist in the Tale of Human Evolution and Steven and Evan Strong’s article in New Dawn Issue 160, Out of Australia: Aborigines & the Dawn of Humanity, then you will absolutely love the truly fascinating, Forgotten History; The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution by Bruce Fenton.

By Brett Lothian

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