Thursday, 29 March 2018

The San Pedro / Trichocereus Appreciation Group on facebook

The San Pedro / Trichocereus Group on facebook is an open platform for everyone to freely talk about ALL aspects of San Pedro and Trichocereus cacti in general, where you can share experiences, shamanic journeys, growing tips, pictures, alkaloid information, extraction techniques, ask questions and post anything else you like that is San Pedro and Trichocereus related.

Join myself and over 9,000 members in interesting discussions about these majestic plants and their use, whether traditional or modern. If you love San Pedro and Trichocereus cacti, want to network with like minded people and learn more about these amazing plants, then this is the group for you! Scroll through 10 years worth of discussions, pictures and interesting articles and share in the San Pedro love! 💚🌵👍

Click on the following link to join, I hope to see you there, enjoy! ~ The San Pedro / Trichocereus Appreciation Group on facebook.

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